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Upcoming conventions and comic updates!

Just a quick post to talk about what conventions I'll be at in April!

Gem State Comic Con, April 1-2 (Expo Idaho – Garden City, Idaho )

SakuraCon, April 7-9 (Seattle Convention Center – Seattle, Washington )

*Seattle Erotic Art Festival, April 21-23 (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle, Washington)

*Won’t be there in person, but my books will be for sale in the store!

I hope to see some of you there! I'm very nervous but very excited for these events. (As it usually goes for me.)

Also, Chapter 2 of Mini-Dom has started for my $5 Patrons. It's 9 of 11 pages in, and ideally the entire book (which isn't very big) will be finished before the end of May so I can get it all ready and printed for my July conventions. Lots to do this year!

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