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Business inquiry? Contact me!



Commission Information

Unless stated on my social media, I am currently closed for any and all personal commissions.

However, I am always open to drawing my own characters for you or inking/coloring a sketch you want to see finished. Contact me any time about that!

If you're a game dev, audio creator, indie comic artist, etc, looking for promotional work, collaboration, or some other type of service, contact me and we can discuss. Thanks!

Terms of Service

As an indie creator, I love receiving fan work! It really makes my day and helps my series grow. I love my fans and I love how creative they are!

So, I would like to be clear with what I do and don't allow in regards to my work...


-Be over 18 to engage with any of my work or to contact me.

-Create fanart, fanfic, etc as long as you're being respectful to everyone involved!

-Cosplay my characters! But please be aware and do not do any brown/black/yellow face!

-Credit me when creating fan work. Word of mouth is extremely powerful!

-Like, review, favorite, etc, official releases of my work! This also helps a ton!


-Share or talk about my work on sites minors tend to use, like TikTok, Amino, etc.

-Make anything with Gacha Life involving my characters.

-Re-post or steal any asset or art I've created. (Reviews that feature my work are the exception!)

-Make profit from my work: this includes commission and merch. (Hoping for this to change in the future!)

-Use A.I. Generation to create fan work for any of my series.


-Commissioning someone for art of my characters.

-Specific type of merch you might want!

-Anything else you feel might need asking about.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will (insert project here) be finished?

I work on all of my projects as consistently as I can, but because I work on so many, I have to be careful about burnout! I try not to put any hard deadlines on myself, as I am not a corporation. So, the simplest answer to this is: when it's finished!

Will you put a kink I like in one of your series because I asked?

Not because you asked, no. I make projects according to what I like, and if they line up with what you like, hurray! The best way to get me to draw what you want is simply to commission me. Money is powerful, it can buy you goods and services. In this case, it can even buy you porn. I'm more than happy to make small spin-offs of my series according to what you like and I often find people have great ideas, but like most everything in this world, I need funding to do so. Please, contact me. You'd be surprised what we can do collaboratively!


2010 - present
2010 - present
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