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Solanaceae - A Very Witchy BDSM Story

Solanaceae is a series of comics and games created by DarkChibiShadow, that center around Battam, a witch, and Sal, a satyr, as they navigate not only their romantic relationship, but the complex politics that surrounds witch covens and magic.

Currently the comic has over 400 pages in total and over 40k readers and players across all platforms. It's DCS' most popular series at this moment!


This series is 18+ only. Currently ongoing.

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Tapas*, Webtoons, Comicfury, Patreon, Google Play Books,, or Gumroad.

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*Reading the comic on Tapas supports me for free! So, please sub there!

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Cavemate - Love on Many Legs

Cavemate is an ongoing story about Buck, a farmer and mineral hunter who encounters a powerful spider monster named Telen deep underground. He is surprised and conflicted by the fact that Telen can actually talk! Buck never knew monsters could be like this, and before he knows it, he's becoming more and more fond of his new spider friend. Of course, things get hot and steamy-- this is a porn story after all!

Currently one of four chapters is complete, with an estimate of around 200 pages by the time the final book is complete.


This series is 18+ only. Currently ongoing.

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My Master is a Naga - A Sensual Slither

When Klaus walks in on his naga master, Naveen, pleasuring himself, the year long tension between the two finally spills over in a very physical way. Join Klaus and Naveen as they finally consummate their relationship, discover they love lingerie, and generally be sappy, talkative messes at each other.

A fan favorite, 85 pages in total and completed in 2016.

This book is 18+ only. Completed story.

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Mini-Dom - A Size Play BDSM Story

Despite their size difference, Duri the fairy and Jabin the orc have an ongoing BDSM relationship. Things have been steady for years until suddenly, Duri kisses Jabin on the lips for the first time! This simple act sets the two down a path to try and figure out if they're just dom and sub, or if they have feelings for each other too...

The full book is 79 pages and full of kinky fun!

This book is 18+ only. Completed story.

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Even more comics...

Want even more comics? You're in luck! My other comics included shorter stories, sketchier stories, and fan comics. They can be found on places like, Gumroad, and my Patreon especially. Check them out!

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