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DCS - An Erotic Artist

DCS otherwise known as DarkChibiShadow is a queer and trans artist who focuses on comic books with a dash of video games. Almost all of their work is erotica with a heavy focus on character dynamics and interactions. They have been self publishing both comics and games for over 10 years and have their work posted across multiple platforms, including game consoles.

Solanaceae - A Very Witchy BDSM Story

Solanaceae is a series of comics and games created by DarkChibiShadow, that center around Battam, a witch, and Sal, a satyr, as they navigate not only their romantic relationship, but the complex politics that surrounds witch covens and magic.

Currently the comic has over 400 pages in total and over 40k readers and players across all platforms. It's DCS' most popular series at this moment!


This series is 18+ only. Currently ongoing.

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Tapas, Webtoons, Comicfury, Patreon, Google Play Books,, or Gumroad.

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Gummy and the Doctor - Web Series

Gummy and The Doctor is a comedic, light-hearted, trans erotica web series that explores gender, bodies, and embracing failures. Very genderqueer.

When Dr. Edwin Glum tries and fails to create his own perfect, sexy partner, he unknowingly sends out a horny distress signal to a gooey, pink alien named Gummy! As Gummy touches down on earth, they soon see just how pent up the Doctor is (in more ways than one) and starts to wonder if there's something to be done about that...

This series is 18+ only. Currently ongoing.

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One-Eyed Lee - Point and Click Games

One-Eyed Lee is a visual novel point-and-click hybrid series of games that focus on Beracus, an anxiety riddled "doctor" and Lee, his untrustworthy "patient".

The story will be done in four parts, with part one (One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party) being out now on Steam, and all major consoles.

The games are both written, coded, and drawn all by DCS, and if budget allows, they will be adding more members of the team on for future installments.

This series is for mature audiances. Currently ongoing.

Play on...

Steam | | Consoles | Mobile port coming soon!

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Experienced Convention Seller

DCS has over 10 years of selling at conventions experience under their belt. They understand the flow of events and love interacting with new and old fans anytime they can. They are very interested in being invited to a convention as a guest speaker on topics like: making webcomics, drawing erotica, or becoming financial stable as a freelancer.

Notable prior conventions include...

Animethon 2023, Sakuracon 2023, VANCAF 2023, SPX 2019, Kumori-con (Small Press) 2019, Kumori-con (Artist Alley) 2018, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2023, Gem State Comic Con 2023, and Anime Oasis 2019

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