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I'm DCS! Otherwise known as DarkChibiShadow.

A full time erotic indie comic artist and indie game dev.​

I've been making comics ever since I was very young and they continue to be my passion. But really, I enjoy all forms of story telling and generally write and focus on erotica and romance above all else. Some common themes of my work are forgiveness, found family, and just good 'ol fucking. I love stories with small casts and high emotional stakes. I love colors, comedy, and want my work to feel light hearted.

I'm most well known for my comics, Solanaceae, My Master is a Naga, and Space School. The games I'm known for are Tomai, One-Eyed Lee, and the upcoming Solanaceae: After All. I am also the co-creator of the audio/video web series, Gummy and the Doctor.

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