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The complete Mini-Dom book is here!

Comic cover of a fairy standing on an orcs face. The orc is looking up at the fairy lovingly. The orc wears a collar with a red string coming from it, the fairy is holding it. Text reads, "Mini-Dom, ADULTS ONLY, BDSM & Size Play Comic by DCS"

This bad boy is 72 pages in total, 4 chapters, lots of extras and a TON OF FUN! I'm so proud of how this all came together!

Synopsis: Despite their size difference, Duri the fairy and Jabin the orc have an ongoing BDSM relationship. Things have been steady for years until suddenly, Duri kisses Jabin on the lips for the first time! This simple act sets the two down a path to try and figure out if they're just dom and sub, or if they have feelings for each other too...

Heads up for extreme size difference, masochism (specifically, self degradation), consensual bullying, sounding, consensual oviposition (in Chapter 2 only), flesh portal magic, anal sex, rimming, and a possessive dom.

Please share the news around! Thanks everyone!

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