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Solanaceae, Chapter 8 is now available for purchase-- plus more!

Folks have been asking, and here it is! Chapter 8 of Solanaceae is now out in PDF format for you to buy on Itchio or Google Play Books.

This release comes a little earlier than some of my other PDFs, but folks keep pestering me and with the Gumroad ban, I can't exactly turn away any potential sales right now. (That really hurt my business.)

Speaking of PDFs, my comics, "Tentacles in Dungeon", "Two of Hearts", and "Kiryu-chan No Ecchi" are all back up on Itchio now! At the moment, I don't have any good home for my MANY various other PDFs so those will stay exclusive to my Patreon and Substar for now. (As well as the Secret Club Site I host for $5 supporters in general.)

As one last note, I updated my convention scheduale and added "Hentai Masturi" (San Diego) and "Megaplex" (Orlando) to the list! I hope I'll see some of you there!

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