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November/December Updates

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! It's time to talk about what I released in November and what's upcoming in December!

I'll be going on my usual Christmas break from the 23rd to the 3rd so you won't really see me posting during that time. (Anything that goes up is probably from a queue.) I'm looking forward to the break so I can catch up on a bunch of movies!

With the Patreon stuff happening, now is a great time to bookmark my Subscribestar for the future and make sure you sign up for the newsletter on this site. Adult work in general is in trouble right now, so keep a close eye on your favorite adult content creators and try to follow them anywhere you can.

And that's about that! I'll probably post a "year in summary" sometime later, but for now, I at least wanted to let you know about some of the recent releases. Thanks a ton for your support and I hope you're well. See you around!

Battam and Sal kissing

Gummy holding a smiling Edwin. They are both wearing Santa outfits.

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