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2023 in Summary and Goals for 2024!

Hey all! It’s that time of year again! Time to see how I did in 2023.


  • I posted approximately 1,234 images for my $5 Patrons!

  • I created approximately 150 fully inked and colored comic pages this year!

  • Completed the Solanaceae, Chapter 7 book! (It was a hefty one!)

  • Completed “Tentacles in Dungeon” fan comic!

  • Completed Cavemate, Chapter 1.5

  • Completed Mini-Dom Chapter 2 & 3~

  • Released “Solanaceae: After All” to Steam Early Access!

  • Released translations for “One-Eyed Lee” and got the android version out on Itchio

  • Had my art/table at 10 conventions/events this year!

  • Space School (sadly) wrapped up early.

Conventions, travel in general, and medical stuff stopped me from going super DUPER hard on comics in 2023, and that’s fine! Just means I’m hungry to finish a lot more comics in 2024 and do slightly less events. I’ll be focusing mostly on just events in the Pacific Northwest and 1 or 2 conventions in other places of the USA. (No Canada conventions in 2024.)


  • Complete Solanaceae, Chapter 8

  • Complete Solanaceae, Chapter 9 (Maybe)

  • In general, I wanna get Patrons to 100+ Solanaceae pages ahead of public updates!

  • Finish Mini-Dom Book (This will happen sooner rather than later.)

  • Finish Cavemate, Chapter 2

  • Make more Laios fan comics!

  • Finish(?) Solanaceae: After All or at least release another hefty update

  • Release some more translations!

  • Get into at LEAST one furry convention!

And that’s that! Feels like a manageable list to me but all of this stuff is gonna take so much time and effort and depending on how money is and medical stuff it’ll get done sooner or later or pushed around– that’s how this stuff goes! But, this is generally what I’m aiming for and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Thanks so much for your support and here’s to another year of making stuff! 🥂

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